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Belt Washers

Take your cleaning process one step above with GForce beltwashers.

Gforce belt washers are designed with the life and reliability of the belt in mind, taking your manufacturing operation one step above by using the maximum allowable cleaning pressure, recirculated cleaning water, and controlled wash zones to minimize belt stretch. 

Our custom belt washers clean your conveyor belts in just two travel cycles, using only 50 gallons of water, and minimizing heat retention time to limit belt stretch to just 1% of length. 

The complete belt wash process occurs in two stages: first, the conveyor belt is completely pre-foamed and scrubbed with dual opposing roller brushes to activate the foam and clean the belt over only a single travel cycle. As the belt returns to the washing station, it is then routed through a high-throughput, high pressure rinsing system, then dried using compression-heated air knives, sanitizing the belt in your manufacturing line with minimal energy and water waste, all while protecting the lifetime of your conveyor belt.

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